Friday 1st January, 2016

Luske and Lau launch the FiDPA Website and Official Poker Rules

By Marcel Luske

In the Summer of 2009, the Federation Internationale de Poker Association (FIDPA) announced that the Bellagio Cup was the first tournament played under their International Poker Rules. The tournament players and media in attendance were unfamiliar with the FIDPA’s International Poker rules and requested copies, yet none were available.

Several years have since past and the FIDPA almost drifted from memory. However, earlier this week Luske and Lau announced the launch of their new FIDPA website, and the publication of  The International Poker Rules (The IP Rules).

FIDPAFIDPA was founded by professional poker players, Marcel Luske and Michelle Lau, who continue to promote and implement the IP Rules. The IP Rules are a standardized set of technical rules, policies and procedures for tournament play, which incorporate and reference the latest version of the Poker Tournament Directors Association (TDA) rules.

The IP Rules consist of 81 technical rules, policies and procedures, in a user friendly format. FIDPA states that The IP Rules are modifiable, seamlessly integrated and intended to provide poker players and the poker industry with a base set of rules. FIDPA assures that subscribers to the new website will be able to view and search FIDPA endorsed card rooms and partners, as well as their modifications to the IP Rules. The FIDPA website promises to provide registered subscribers with official updates to The IP Rules and will be offered the rules in French, Dutch, German, Spanish and many other languages. Card rooms, tournament organizations and service providers can apply online for an endorsement from FIDPA on the new website.